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Author Topic: New forums from a real "Newbie" perspective.  (Read 2300 times)

William R. Conturo

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New forums from a real "Newbie" perspective.
« on: January 12, 2011, 05:06:46 PM »

Hey, I am not really new but I never posted anything on the old forums when I had an account, I am a grazer, figure I'd stay out of this treacherous area that is the live sound forums.
Anyways, I haven't really visited them in the past year because things have been so slow, interested in other things all summer even though I was still working, bla bla bla. I decided to see what was new in the Pro Audio universe and I was surprised by this crazy setup. I know everyone seems to have hate for the new layout but coming from a true new'ish member perspective, I really like it as of now, other than two things that may be very obvious that I am just over looking.

- Old content (my biggest reason for coming here)

"- How do you know if a thread is read or unread? When I click a thread and go back using the web site navigator above the layout nothing changes with the thread I was just at."  Never mind, I just figured it out. Just over looked it. Not as obvious as some other forums I use, It works fine though.

I don't remember the old layout that much so I am not making any comparison but to a newcomer, software looks great... Just get used to it, it is software, it is going to have bugs. So far from reading a bunch of other posts the higher ups seem to be on top of things. Who cares about the number of posts you have made. Although necessary for any type of forum to work, who ever said the more you talk the smarter or more credible you are? Yes, helpful answers and comments make you credible in a since but no where does it say "Posts that Prove I Am Legit: xx". Lets just get some content!!! In fact I may even feel bold enough to go and ask some question about some random audio gadget just to keep the ball rolling, but probably not.. not much going on right now.

Oh ya, where is the "lol" face????  thumbs up and thumbs down would be nice too.  Can my number of posts be kept at zero? that would be cool.
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- Billy C

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New forums from a real "Newbie" perspective.
« on: January 12, 2011, 05:06:46 PM »

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