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Author Topic: Feeder Cable length?  (Read 11428 times)

Jeff Bankston

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Re: Feeder Cable length?
« Reply #30 on: June 09, 2014, 11:16:24 PM »

Per Mr. Sokol, we need to stay on topic, and NOT promote/suggest, or even mention-as-an-option any kind of solution that would be in violation of the applicable NEC and OSHA regulations. The box that led to this topic swerve, your "widow maker" with (details redacted as to not mention it again) is dangerous, illegal, and in violation of the NEC.

Mr. Cornish said what he said because you tried to defend your mentioning of this custom box with "there is way more scary stuff out there then what I mentioned," - just because there's other reprehensible violations of both the NEC and OSHA regulations, as well as good, common sense existing on construction/other sites, you still may not recommend a "not so dangerous but still illegal device" on these forums.

We need to be leaders in the entertainment field, making sure that we are doing everything we can to promote safe and responsible electrical practices!


you still didnt get it so never mind ! end of my discussion on that "homemade" box that a "consumer" can "legally" make because consumers in the USA "do not have to know or follow the nec". i or "anyone else" can use extension cords however we want. OSHA does not come around inspecting people houses and i "never" seen OSHA or any city electrical inspector come to a club and inspect a bands extension cords. that was my point, unless you are an electrician wiring a house or building you can do whatever you want with your cords and lights. this is a foto of a temporay kitchen light in my landlords house. my landlord put this up after the 4 foot flouresent fixture ballast smoked and burned up. his wife wants to look at lights this weekend so she can pick one out. this is temporary. is it hookey ? yes ! is it dangerous ? no ! i checked the tightness of the wire nuts. its 8ft on an 8 foot celing. would this pass an electrical inspection ? No ! can my landlord "legally" have this light like this ? yes , its legal "because" He put it up and its his house. if he were to sell the house he would have to put a light up thats up to code. the code does not apply to the consumer. abd thats my point. btw there have ben job sites that i have ben on that had the rubber pigtail light sockets wired just like this for temp lighting that are legal to have on a construction site. my whole idea got blown out of proportion and if i made the box and cords combo i was talking about it would be legal for me as a "comsumer" to do so. i know , i asked la building and safety and was told they dont get involved in the end user. just dont do what i suggested because you dont understand what i was talking about. buy larger guage extension cord. btw the foto of that light reminds me of my grandads hanging lights he had in his barns on his farm in the 1960's.

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Re: Feeder Cable length?
« Reply #30 on: June 09, 2014, 11:16:24 PM »

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