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Author Topic: 6 months with the EV ELX P  (Read 18323 times)

kel mcguire

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6 months with the EV ELX P
« on: November 10, 2011, 05:52:42 PM »

this summer I bought 6 of the new EV ELX cabs, 4 112p and 2 115p for use as mains and monitors for a number of gigs I had where my B gear was spread thin. I mix about 100 events per year from kids to grammy award winners. 30 years experience. My usual beater Yamaha clubs and Mpro wedges were all spoken for a number of times and I was intrigued by the good reviews for the ELX. I bought two to start with and used them as mains over 181i subs. First impressions had me liking the ELX112 quite a bit. they are loud, light, sip power, have decent throw and the price is right. that was a nice system for the gigs I used them on.

So, I bought 4 more. 2 more 112 and the pair of 115s. Many more gigs with them as mains and monitors using both the 15s as mains and the 12s.

The good stuff:
they're light
they sound pretty good, especially the 12s.
I really like them as monitors. nice small footprint, bands like them.
nice looking box
they over achieve for their price point
the ELX15 makes a decent drummer monitor
the HPF works pretty well.

the maybe stuff:
-one handle on the 12s, not a huge deal so I'm semi complaining
-the ELX 15s sound like they're voiced for DJs, thick bottom end and hole at the vocal area.I definitely prefer the 12s
-the loudness switch doesn't do quite enough to use as stand alone box
-takes some EQ to get the HF to where i was happy, as compared to my HPR122i.
-the pole socket doesn't fit my Ultimate stands very snugly, so on a couple mildly windy gigs, the speaker turned.
-the pots seem to be fragile and flimsy...but at this price point...

The not so good stuff:
-a few cabs have shut down completely on me about 6 times at different gigs, different cabs. Granted, one was a hot Ca. summer day and the speaker was in the sun. A couple of the thermal shutdowns were on "regular" days, like 85 degree days. I had them providing sound for a set of grandstands alongside my 122i and the 122 kept going, same program material...not pushed into limit. I am a bit scared now. they have not shut down when in monitor use.

-one XLR has stuck in a broken combi jack
-the finish is very thin. I don't have covers for them yet but even after a couple gigs they showed signs of wearing through.
-the ELX15 just sound strange to my ears over subs. i am constantly trying to get the HF and vocals to punch through.
-I had 3 set up on one monitor mix last week with CD program running through. I swear one cabinet sounds different, EQ wise..switches set the same.

so anyhow. I mostly am happy with the EVs except for the thermal shutdowns. I am deciding whether I will keep them around or go to something like RCF312a.
I have set them up next to my projection screen out of the DVD player and they work great for that too. lol.

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Marc Benigni

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Re: 6 months with the EV ELX P
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2012, 11:57:26 AM »

Hi Kel,

I registered just to reply to this post.  I received my 112p last night and began putting it through its paces.  First impressions are very positive in light of its price-point.  However, I noticed your comment about the loudness switch (mid-cut EQ setting) not doing enough, and based on my initial tests, I'd call that an understatement.  I literally cannot hear the difference between the two settings!  Is this just extremely subtle, or is it possible my unit is defective?  (The switches are a bit flimsy.)

Wayne Phillips

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Re: 6 months with the EV ELX P
« Reply #2 on: February 28, 2013, 06:13:18 PM »

I've got a pair of passive elx112's over elx 118's. Using two Crown xti4000's to run them. The tops are outstanding and the subs are kind of wimpy. We play all original rock n roll at clubs and they sound better and louder than the Yamaha Club 215V's that we replaced except for the subs. They were the 218 Yamaha subs and they sounded way better and louder than the EV's. I had to supplement the subs by adding one more 118 per side. But they still don't hit as hard as the Yamaha subs.

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Re: 6 months with the EV ELX P
« Reply #2 on: February 28, 2013, 06:13:18 PM »

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