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Title: SOLD Crown I-Tech Itech 4000 Power Amp SOLD
Post by: Barry Reynolds on February 05, 2019, 11:48:29 pm
Crown I-tech 4000  power amp rated at 2000 watts @4ohms and 1250 watts @8ohms. No visible blemishes or rack hash. A small section of smudged area on the top of amp that would be covered in any rack (barely visible in 2nd photo).  Shipped in original box with power cable(s), rear racking adapter, and manual.  $900 + actual shipping costs.

This is a great powerful amp that I used to power a pair of 18 inch subwoofers (JBL SRX718s).   Beautiful clear sound!

The amp keeps track of its use---Only 1304 hours!

You probably already know that this amp has its own DSP that you can program via free software.
This is part of an entire sound system that Iím selling from my wedding band that gigged less than 20 times a year at lower volume that never stressed the equipment but could get very clear and accurate sound at volumes for 600 people outside. See my other items. I am the original owner and the sole operator of this equipment. This piece spent its entire life in one rack, and inputs and outputs were only connected ONE TIME, because I used a rack panel for inputs and outputs. The rack itself was only moved in my mini-van, never flown, and was only handled by me. So everything got babied!