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Title: Projector Lamp Overheating
Post by: Jean-Pierre Coetzee on October 11, 2017, 05:14:02 am
Just want to run this by you guys, can't say 100% that it is power related but definitely seems to be since moving it to another room with different power seems to solve the problem(temperatures are about the same).

It is an LG projector(there are two of them, they have both given the same issue in the past but this one tends to experience the problem more often) whose model number I cannot remember, will check if anyone wants it. The symptoms are that it shuts of after a while with a lamp overheat error. We have sent it in to the repair shop a few times and they say it never shuts off while there so they cannot reproduce the fault yet they have seen the fault happening in house, they think it might be power related.

So far to prevent the overheating and shutting off had to switch the lamp to eco mode, high altitude mode is also on, which has always been on(pretty much just ramps the fan speed up higher).

So my question would be can you think of anything power related that could be causing the problem? If it continues much longer we will just run it off a double inversion UPS and that should at least remove any possibility of power related problems.
Title: Re: Projector Lamp Overheating
Post by: Stephen Swaffer on October 11, 2017, 12:38:09 pm
Is the other room on the same transformer?  Possibley a slight overvoltage-which would raise the lamp wattage.  Unlikely-but if a perfect storm of tolerances is present might be enough to push it over the edge?