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Title: Digico S21 and S31 sharing a D2 rack issue
Post by: Kamil Pawlowski on September 12, 2017, 03:33:00 pm
I've got two Digico desks, a S21 and S31 connected to a D2 rack over MADI-C. Both desks are connected to the D2 rack, the S31 in the MADI MAIN port and the S21 in the MADI AUX port. The S31 is the "master" where its clock is set to internal, the S21 is clocking from the DMI card, the D2 rack is also seeing a clock source from MADI MAIN. Both desks see the D2 rack but both desks also have analog gain and +48V control over the D2, where as I understand from the S31/S21 manual only the master desk should have control over these parameters and the slave will gain track (trim) when gain levels are changed on the master desk. I cannot find a user manual for the D2, and cannot seem to get the slave desk to not control gain.