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Title: Soundvision Drawings for The Forum & The Oracle Arena
Post by: Marc Lewis on August 04, 2016, 11:02:14 pm
Hi all...

I'm a long time lurker and reader of the forum here and regularly use it to gain insight, knowledge, and sometimes vindication that I've done the right thing.  I don't ever post because by the time I get through reading any particular thread all the way through the answers given by the folks who frequent this forum have always been insightful and most often, spot-on.  And I can often find answers to questions I may have because someone has asked the question before me.

All of that to ask this:  Does anyone have a Soundvision drawing for either / both the Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA or The Forum in Inglewood, CA?  I searched through l'Acoustic's latest database and neither were there.  I ask because I've got gigs coming up in both venues but, living in the Southeast I'm not afforded the opportunity to do a site visit, take measurements, build the venue in SV, etc.  I'll be heading out to Vegas to prep a 12/side V-Dosc + 3/side dv down & 12/side Kudo for these shows but I've never been in the venues.  The shows are typical in/show/out the same day with little to no time to build the venue in the software onsite.  Both shows are playing the arena long but not 360.

Apologies for my first post being one where I'm asking for something.  I hold everyone here in high regard and feel like I know most of you even though I'm a "newbie" as far as post count goes.  Any help is greatly appreciated and will be a real time saver if I can rough in the prediction before I get onsite.  Thanks!