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Title: EV PL35
Post by: Aldo "hucchio" Chiappini on November 20, 2010, 06:33:36 am
Hi there,
one of my big question in this last years is: are there any mics to replaced the (good) SM57?.
Yes they are.
In a live gig often I dont like to use my Royer ribbon mic on the guitars or my AT 4040 (or Neumman) in a snare bottom...that's pretty obvious. They are like a little child and most importantly they are a mine! Smile

But I have found a very interesting cheap mic for the snare drum.
I'm talinkg about PL35 from Electro Voice.
It really sound good, it's a small mic but also strong. I feel a little bit more of "powerful" and "fullness" in a all wide range of snare sound. Especially it work so good in a low range to keepo always a definite sound and a very big bottom sound.

It's really good for the bootom snare as well en effect. Probably in the guitar cab too, but for cabinet I use always my e609 (+ AT4040 sometimes).

There's just one thing I dont like. The form of mic is not straight and this can be a little awkward sometimes...

So, finally I think people have to try it.