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 on: Yesterday at 08:00:25 pm 
Started by Steve Litscher - Last post by Steven A. White
^^^  Hanging them.....dandy idea to let them relax and much easier bundling.  Never tried that, bet I will next time...  :)

 on: Yesterday at 07:48:21 pm 
Started by Steve Litscher - Last post by Dave Garoutte
When bundling cables, you can improve flexibility by twisting the lot rather than running them straight parallel. You do have to be careful that you twist them in such a way that you don't untwist the internal pairs or mess up braided shielding. That is, no torsion on the individual cables.

Not quite sure how to explain the proper way to do the twisting.

It doesn't have to be very twisted to accomplish this.
If you hang the cables from one end, you can spiral them and then let them un-torque before bundling them.

 on: Yesterday at 07:46:26 pm 
Started by Matt Vivlamore - Last post by Caleb Dueck
Has anyone compared the JBL SRX828SP and RCF SUB 8004AS?  What are you thoughts?

I've used the 8004's a couple times and heard the 9006, but not the 828SP, sorry not much help there. 

You may want to add Bassboss to the mix, their SSP line, single or dual 18" subs.  I've always wanted to hear SSP218 and 9006. 

For these general types of subwoofers - look at the drivers and ports.  Newer, higher excursion, neodymium drivers (emphasis on neo here) tend to have much more 'authority' than ceramic/ferrite drivers. 

 on: Yesterday at 07:25:06 pm 
Started by Ethan Rose - Last post by Ethan Rose
This is a question about long term/permanent sound installations.

Does anyone have any ideas or solutions about how to create a system that will reboot the computer if audio is not playing correctly?
For example - we have a custom pureData patch (custom audio software) running at a remote location on a windows 10 computer.  It is a simple patch connected to a motu 24ao playing back seamless looped audio files to different outputs of the interface.  Real basic. 

For some unknown reason yesterday it started making a squealing sound instead of playing back our source audio.  Perhaps  there was a brief power failure or someone unknown software glitch that created a problem.  Regardless, I'm wondering if any one has ideas on how to fix this.

Are there any hardware/software solutions that could sense that the audio was not playing back correctly and automatically switch to a redundant system? 

I know that dante has the primary/secondary solution, but as far as I understand that is only if signal is totally lost, not if it is corrupted.

 on: Yesterday at 07:24:38 pm 
Started by Matt Vivlamore - Last post by Tim Weaver
My first question with subs is "how well do they pack", then "how well can I stack them", and "do they get my tops high enough in the air". Are they loud enough and do they sound good are further down the line.

 on: Yesterday at 07:18:44 pm 
Started by Matt Vivlamore - Last post by Mike Santarelli
Has anyone compared the JBL SRX828SP and RCF SUB 8004AS?  What are you thoughts?

Looking at 1 SRX828SP vs 1 Sub8004AS.

The RCF is a little more than the SRX828, but the RCF is a little more compact.

Hi Matt,

I own some 9006 and srx828. I have not heard the 8004 but have heard the 8003. 

I was very impressed and from what I heard in the field Iíd say perceived impact of the 8003  would be very similar to the srx but sounds better. .  If that is any indication,  the 8004 would be a slight improvement over the 8003.

FWIW, in a non-scientific test Iíve found one 9006 is equal to about two 828 and sounds much smoother. I believe the specs of the powered srx are highly inflated and that holds true if you look at the specs of the passive models. 

Edit: It looks they changed the specs on the passive srx from 135 peak to 141 peak. Still not buying it.

One of the more knowledgeable people can correct me if Iím wrong  but I believe the xmax on the better rcf drivers is nearly twice as much as whatís in the srx800. Iím not a speaker designer or expert so take it as you will.

IMO the 8004 is a nice step up from the srx line. 

There are going to be differences of opinion but I would probably go with the 8004 over the 828. Output will be close but you are getting a better product with the rcf.

 on: Yesterday at 07:01:48 pm 
Started by Loren Miller - Last post by Mike Pyle

Thank you for the insight - I hadn't realized that it would be a problem under a stage, but that makes sense.  I was specifically told I need a sub under 18" for a 600 seat auditorium remodel. I might decide to fight that battle with the architect if needed, but I figured I would at least look into options first - I already have a significant amount of d&b and will be using some of their point source speakers for mains/delays, so I would much prefer a solid d&b sub option; however, most are over 18" tall.

Consider the Danley TH212 for a low profile, high performance installation sub. The selection of opening for the horn mouth allows it to be laid on its side if needed. Let me know if you need more info about it.

 on: Yesterday at 06:57:07 pm 
Started by Peter Kowalczyk - Last post by Keith Broughton
I just bought a Ryobi One soldering iron from Home Depot.
Works great...if you already use Ryobi battery operated products.
Store SKU #1003185131

 on: Yesterday at 06:46:42 pm 
Started by Wesley Key - Last post by Tim Weaver
I feel at that price point you could likely have used a smartphone and honestly would probably get exactly the same quality. When you can get pretty decent cameras at the $1000 price point why not organize a decent budget and in the mean time shoot on that iphone you have laying around at home? You can likely get the audio into it the same way your doing now and will get about the same quality and will likely not have cost much considering you had to buy a tripod anyway?

The obvious next step from this is the Sling Studio. Which uses any camera that is wifi enabled. Could be an old cell phone, or a GoPro, or a security cam. The Sling has an app that runs on an ipad which lets you live switch the camera's and makes for a reasonably good looking product. The Sling also streams to all the major players.

It's a powerful box for churched that don't want to spend a ton of dough. It is also pretty easy for volunteers to run. The one thing it won't do is imag. The delay is several seconds since everything is running over wifi. You just can't send this to a screen in the same room.

 on: Yesterday at 06:35:31 pm 
Started by frank kayser - Last post by Tim Weaver
There are some brand-agnostic mic-pre's which then connect to a Dante network. Like this focusrite unit.

The preamp control is through a computer which is on the same network as the Device. They are meant to give you input options in a big studio or maybe a campus-wide situation. "I need to record the school choir at the administration building" so I take this device, plug it into my dante network and it can send 8 channels back to the school's recording studio in the music building.

This is an expensive option to build a snake from. I imagine if it catches on we'll see more, cheaper options in the future. AtteroTech already make some 2x2 devices that aren't crazy expensive.

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