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Title: Garage audio - sigh
Post by: Rain Jaudon on August 29, 2007, 08:27:37 pm
Yes, just mentally tired at this point - HAHAHA!

Seriously though,

Friend of a friend has built his dream garage (post-Katrina) and wants an audio system installed.
My first thought was active Yorkville or Peavey speakers - one in each corner of the room. (probably 60'x60' climate controlled, sealed concrete floors, 3 avg sized windows, 13' ceilings)

He has already placed a pair of TVs in 2 of the corners and purchased a pair of Infinity Beta 50 mains, Beta 40 surrounds, and a Beta 360 center speaker - and a Yamaha  RX V361 receiver.
(without consulting me)

These speakers are designed to be floor standing yet he was thinking they could be placed on corner shelves(below the TVs and on either side of the main garage doors.  I don't feel secure raising a 50 lb speaker even 4' off the ground and want to suggest he send these back to the seller and let me design a more garage friendly design.

Program will be occasional movie, car races, football games.
Im not certain that true Home Theater is needed out there.

What do YOU suggest?
Thanks for your time

Title: Re: Garage audio - sigh
Post by: Ivan Beaver on August 30, 2007, 07:36:55 am
I would not suggest PA gear at all, in general it would be totally wrong-performance wise.

I would first determine what the budget is for the loudspeakers and go from there.  There are some good installation loudspeakers that offer much flatter performance than a general PA type.  I would also look at home theatre loudspeakers.