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Title: Sources for wall panels and mic cable?
Post by: Stephen Thorpe on February 21, 2007, 06:19:08 pm
I'm looking to make some custom panels for an install at a bar. The ProCo website makes it pretty easy to submit the orders and the price seems reasonable. I found some sites for cable but was wondering if you guys could recommend some other places.

I'm going to be building a 16x4 main snake for the stage and a 6x2 snake for the side stage (singer songwriter). Is it possible to have the main snake normalized so that when cables are plugged into the side stage they will be routed to the board? I know that studio patchbays do this sort of thing but I'm pretty sure there's a mechanical reason for it.  For example, I want two snake heads that will contain channels 1-6, when the side stage is being used i want that to route to the board on channels 1-6, when the main snake is used I want 1-6 to be pulled from there. I suspect I'll just have to make up a fanout and patch into the main snake manually. Repatching the board will not be easy due to space constraints and we only have room for a 16 channel board.

Thanks in advance.
Title: Re: Sources for wall panels and mic cable?
Post by: Tom Young on February 22, 2007, 09:32:55 am
There are at least a few other manufacturers of floor pockets and wall boxes. Here are some:

Cable can be bought from Partsexpress, BTX, Whirlwind, Horizon, etc.

Read up in why you want to use braided shield, twisted pair cable. (google)

....... and then look at Belden 1800F and equivalent products.

Although there is nothing wrong *electrically* with having the 2 snakes paralleled so that channels 1-6 from both feed into channels 1-6 on the mixer, you may want to not go this route because of the terminations involved (how good are your soldering and dressing chops ? etc) and because eventually someone is going to plug into both snake inputs which may not do much more than completely confuse the person who is mixing.