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Title: Audix ADX10-FL Flute mic
Post by: John Halliburton on September 07, 2006, 10:16:37 am
I've finally been using this mini condenser mic on flute.  It comes with an adapter ring with rubber gasket that sandwiches under the crown.  Unscrew the crown, fit the mic holder on, reattach the crown.  You can rotate the mic as needed, although the mic body is always parallel to the length of the flute.
As the flute player in question has a rather full mustache, he needed to rotate the mic out a bit.
The sound is good.  Low end proximity is greater, as one would expect from a mic only an inch(2.5cm) from the source. I do need to mention that the flute in question has a head that is designed to emphasize the lower registers of the instrument.  On a different instrument the proximity effect may balance out. Breath noise doesn't seem to be a problem either, the only times I've heard any is during breaks between tunes when the player exhaled through his nose.
So far the eq on the strip has been some bass roll-off.  I haven't been on a mixer with variable high-pass filtering, which I suspect would be the best solution for this setup.  I did try some boost in the 800-1000hz range to see if articulation would improve, but I need some more gigs to experiment with this.
Feedback rejection is very good, and this mic with another on a stand could provide a great solution with monitor sound, since the ADX10 set up is fixed.  Not a good single mic set up if you have a player who "plays" the mic.

Best regards,

Title: Re: Audix ADX10-FL Flute mic
Post by: Grant Conklin on December 10, 2010, 12:50:13 pm
Hello John-
Thanks for this good and short review.  Does anyone else have comments to add about this mic?
Title: Re: Audix ADX10-FL Flute mic
Post by: Steve Hurt on December 13, 2010, 10:52:29 pm
My wife is using one currently.  Pretty natural sounding.  The mount is finicky to get just right, but seems pretty good now that we figured out where she wants it and got it adjusted to fit (used  a few slivers of scotch tape between the metal ring and the rubber to snug it up)

It definitely sounds more like a flute with the mic than it did using a barcus berry pickup mounted in the head joint.  The pickup  got louder without feedback, but the tone was less full and the pickup had a lot more mechanical noise, picking up every single key click loud and clear.