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Title: Favorite install speaker?
Post by: (Brian) Frost on July 28, 2006, 03:01:31 pm
Do you have a favorite install speaker?  I generally spec Nexo PS10s or 15s on the high end and EVzx5 or an appropriate size QSC.  Most of my installs are clubs with bands or school auditoriums with some talking heads, light theater, and movie nights.

Title: Re: Favorite install speaker?
Post by: Adam Kane on July 28, 2006, 05:23:08 pm
I'll take a stab and say that this may belong in the install forum...anyone second?  And besides...I wouldn't expect to get many answers to such an open ended question.  There are so many different speakers, so many different applications.

It's not nice to play favorites.
Title: Re: Favorite install speaker?
Post by: Ivan Beaver on July 28, 2006, 07:52:34 pm
The one that fits the coverage pattern, output level needed, price point, visual restrictions, acoustic control etc for the particular job.

One size does not fit all.
Title: Re: Favorite install speaker?
Post by: (Brian) Frost on July 29, 2006, 05:58:52 am
While you are probably correct that this should go in the install section, that isnt one I read often enough so I put it here.  If any moderators care to move this to the install section I would be fine with that.

Really tho, this is was meant to be more of a poll than anything else.  I find that I do a lot of similar work and have found certian boxes that I can use in a lot of situations.  for example, the Nexo PS10 can fill most needs I run across using 1 or 2 per side and subs to fit the clients needs.  

So, Who has a go to box?  Tell us about it, why you like it, where you use it.
Title: Re: Favorite install speaker? SH50
Post by: Ivan Beaver on July 29, 2006, 09:18:54 am
Whenever I am doing a system design, many things go into account.  But if you must have an answer my current favorite box (assuming it fits all the other criteria-pattern-size-cost etc.) is the Danely SH50.

The reasons are several fold.
1: Sound quality.  The detail and clarity is amazing.
2: The pattern control.  It has good pattern control down to around 300Hz.  This allows for greater gain before feedback because less energy is getting onto the performance area.  The tight pattern also allows for a greater intelligability thoughout the room because there is less energy getting onto the walls/ceiling creating late arrivals and lowering the direct/reverberant ratio.
3: Size.  It is very small when you compare the output and low freq response.
4: Arrayability.  They truly array well together hard packed.  This makes for a nice looking package, plus one that has even coverage across the listening area without the ever popular "swishing sound"
5: It requires only a single amp channel, so less ams and DSP are required along with less wire and install costs.
6: Low freq output.   It's -3dB output is 45Hz, so in many cases you do not need a sub for full range response.

While I really like this box, I typically use them is less than 50% of my designs.  The reason being that like many things, they are right (for various reasons) for a particular application.

A truly good design that works well for the customer takes into account many factors and the best solution is found for the customer.

Some of the other brands that we use in installs include the following (no particular order): JBL, Renkus Heinz, Frazier, Atlas, Community, Yamaha, Intellivox, TOA, Wharfdale, Altec, Bose, Tannoy.