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Title: Finally put my whole light rig together
Post by: Matt Johnson on July 07, 2006, 01:15:16 pm
Last weekend I was finally able to put my whole light rig together.  It was a typical beer tent festival gig here, a four piece rock band on an home-made stage.  I had a tree of 4 Par64LEDs on each side up front and a tree with two DJ-Scan250 on either side of the drums, a little fogger just for fun.  I only had about 10 minutes before the show and the set break to record a few simple scenes, but I was fairly impressed by myself.  The lights are simple, but effective.  The LEDs provided the wash of light while the scanners added movement and excitement when needed.  

The band just about crapped their pants on stage, they were so happy and the drunk crowd was sometimes in awe.  All in all, I think it was well worth the modest investment I made.  For less than $2500, I'm making an extra $200 a show.  These will be paid for pretty quick and making me money already (another band booked me on the spot that night).  

The only thing I might add is maybe a P36led on the floor in front of each band member.  The 64s tend to wash everything and maybe a little front-fill light would be nice for visibility.  
Title: Re: Finally put my whole light rig together
Post by: mark mcfarlane on July 07, 2006, 03:00:55 pm

Let us know if you try the white P36's as floor lights.  I'm going to use some Par36 cans in a similar role now to highlight the individual musicians.

Your rig is similar to what I plan to build, but it will take me another year.  I just oredered my first 4 Par64 LED's, trees, Gatoir rolling cases and a DMX Operator 192 from Mike Pyle (Mike has a more-then-competitive price on this stuff).  I've got 4 Par36 cans to fill in for now.  

Next year I'll add some more DMX stuff, maybe a scanner or moving spot.  Maybe some brighter LED's will be out by then!  I only go to the States once a year and the stuff I can buy locally is failry worthless.