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Title: contractor requirements?
Post by: Corey Willis on February 24, 2006, 10:27:17 am
Just wondering if anyone knows if there is any kind of contractors license required in Tennessee for SR installation... I own a small music store, and I am looking at possibly getting into doing some basic installation work as well. I know I've gotta get some additional insurance for this, but I'm not sure if I need any kind of contractors license. Thanks in advance for your replies!

-Corey Willis
Silver River Music
Title: Re: contractor requirements?
Post by: Ivan Beaver on February 24, 2006, 07:40:50 pm
Besides a regular business license, you should get a low voltage license.  It will require you to pass a test.  I don't know what the requirements are in Tenn., but that is all that is required in GA (where I am). It is nice to also know what you are doing. Laughing

Of course that does not stop many people from doing sound jobs.  They get jobs, simply because they are cheaper.  Even many churches hire unlicensed-uninsured people who do not even have a business license or a clue about what they are doing!  They often get what they deserve, I am sad to say.  But hey-they thought they were saving money!  It's just speakers and amps anyway-isn't it?

We get quite a bit of work redoing systems that are not very old, but at least they were cheaper than us!  So now they are paying twice!