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Title: New Speakers and advice for Sound Install
Post by: creativearts on January 10, 2006, 02:22:56 pm
HI gang!  I just got hired as the music director for San Gabriel Presbyterian church in San Gabriel, CA.  The building is an ancient A frame structure with BOSE speakers hanging high above the pulpit and aimed directly at the center mic! (nice! not) Nightmarish reverb and hard word everything.. haha  Yes we get feedback from the lapel mic.  Yes the monitors are probably louder than FOH.  Yes, they installed tiny 4" speakers as side fill pew speakers without understanding delay.  Yes, i love my job!  

My initial thought is to just bypass the boses uptop which I think are 10s and more suitable only for speaking and implement some good passives on the side like mackie S225s or something. They current have amps so I thought we might reuse them instead of actives even though I favor actives. Who knows they might be great speakers themselves and I could just reposition them? I can't imagine that they would be what we need for the full band music but sometimes Bose can surprise.

anyways, times to meet some sound consultants and talk about what we can do in this building.  I look forward to getting the wise counsel of many.  Can you recommend some good sound install people to contact for our very small facility (holds 200) and TBD budget (ah got to love board meetings!)

thanks for all the wonderful advice and help here!