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Title: EV Eliminators main and subs?
Post by: Guest on December 23, 2005, 10:05:40 am
I know that this gear is not tier one pro gear but there's a set of Eliminators i single 18 subs with the matching Eliminator i 1x15 mains to be had for about $600.

For a weekend warrior rock band (we don't play that loud) would they be passable?

I had set my sights on some powered Yorkville NX750's to be coupled with a LS800P powered sub. I know from an equipment point of view it's apples and oranges but at a cost difference of about $1800 (less the cost of a power amp) I wonder whether they can be really unusable gear.

Title: Re: EV Eliminators main and subs?
Post by: Mike McNany on December 23, 2005, 10:15:52 am
From another's "weekend warrior rock band" point of view:

Depends on cabinet & speaker's condition, but since each of those cabs goes for near $350 new, it's a good price and worth buying. Power them right and they'll be good for a basic 2+2 bar speaker stack, especially for your first speaker purchase.

Mike McNany
Title: Re: EV Eliminators main and subs?-buying used speakers
Post by: Ivan Beaver on December 23, 2005, 10:20:09 am
The general answer is how large of places do you play and how loud and how deep do you want the bass to be?  Those subs are punchy, but do not go low.  They might do fine-depending on those particulars.

Be wary of buying used speakers-if they have any problems and you have to start to get them reconed/replaced/diaphrams etc., you might have been better off buying new speakers.

When listening to used speakers-do a couple of tests.  Listen to them (espically the bass/mid) at very low levels-just above what you can hear and listen for buzzing sounds-If you hear any-be wary.  Listen to them at high levels and listen for any other "artifacts" that might be coming from the speakers.  If you have access to a sweepable signal generator, then use it to swep the entire operationg range of the speaker and listen for any wierd noises/rattling and so on.

If you hear anything strange during these test, the speakers might be on their way out-or it might just be a cabinet problem, and be prepaired to spend some extra money fixing them.  If you don't hear anything, it does not mean that the speakers are totally fine either-they just haven't gotten quite to the damaging point yet.  

Often times you can get a good deal on used speakers, but since they are a mechanical device, they are more subject to mechanical abuse than say an amplifier or mixer would be.
Title: Re: EV Eliminators main and subs?-buying used speakers
Post by: Guest on December 23, 2005, 11:25:08 am
Thanks guys - We play mostly bars/pubs and private parties. We try and do danceable tunes. Not large venues - audiences run from 50 to maybe 250 or so.

We are using single 15" mains (marginal at best tone wise) now but only put alittle kick through the mains in addition to the guitars and vocals.

Cosmetically the speakers don't look like they've had a hard life but Ivan you may some great points and I will be sure to demo them using our advice.

The price seems right but you know the old adage, quality matters long after the satisfaction of price fades.

With the subs we'd like to add alitte ommmph to strengthen the bass line help get people dancing. The bass player would then also have the option of going the DI route and leave his cab at home.

I'd maybe hook up a PLX 3402 to power the set - one channel to each sub and main. In the kind of venues we play I would think this would seem to be enough juice to power the set-up.

Title: Re: EV Eliminators main and subs?-buying used speakers
Post by: Tom Reid on December 23, 2005, 12:00:46 pm
I don't think you'll have woofer issues as far as getting bad drivers.  They'll work, or they wont.

As Ivan pointed out, beware the horn.  Elim horns have been known to rattle.  I had one that had a nasty issue with 4K and would always present a rattle when there was enough 4K energy.
I got so tired of it I replaced the tops.
Well, that, and I wanted some new JBLs ...who am I kidding?

Title: Re: EV Eliminators main and subs?-buying used speakers
Post by: Ivan Beaver on December 23, 2005, 05:52:30 pm
The purpose of the low power test is to hear things like windings that may be loose or a deformed former and slight rubbing.  Both potential failures when pushed hard-again.  you don't notice them as much at loud volume because of the level coming out of the speakers.  At higher volumes you will hear things such as a loose spider/dustcap/torn surround,cabinet joints loose etc.
Title: Re: EV Eliminators main and subs?
Post by: Ted Christensen on December 23, 2005, 11:09:55 pm
I back used EV and NEW ev gear all the way. I used there 18 sub for a while and loved it, it put out enough bass for a medium sized room.

I would reccomend getting the EV Eliminator ii if you can. I used a used pair of them for a while and got great results then bumped up to 2 pairs of used EV Eliminator ii.

The price sounds decent. I managed to get a used sub for about 350, when i traded it in they gave me 150.