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Title: Crossover help
Post by: Steve Oldridge on October 04, 2005, 09:18:36 pm
Has anyone got any experience / feedback on TDM crossovers ??  I've heard good things but never used one....

I'm looking at the 24CX-4 ... Based on price and specs it appears to be top notch... BTW - I need 3-way stereo capability.. Very Happy

How does TDM stack up to Ashly [XR2001 / XR4001] or Rane [AC23B / SAC23] equivalents... ??


Title: Re: Crossover help
Post by: Weogo Reed on October 05, 2005, 01:01:53 am
Hi Steve,

The TDM crossovers are fine analog units.  I still have one as a backup.

But I suggest you consider a DSP.

Only consider the 24CX-4 if availalbe for a really low price.

Good health,  Weogo
Title: Re: Crossover help
Post by: Fred Garrett on October 06, 2005, 10:51:13 am
Weogo speaks the truth!

I have a TDM 24CX-4, I also have a Ashly 2001, an Ashly 1001, and a DBX Driverack PA.  I have also previously owned 5 TDM crossovers (including the 24CX-4 I have now).

For mains use, I totally agree with Weogo.  Digital is the only way to go!  The amount of control in even the "lowly" Driverack PA goes way beyond what an analouge crossover can do for you.  In case your wondering why I still have a rack of analogue crossovers, it is because I run 9 bi-amped monitor mixes.

Now, since you have asked, I will tell you my opinion between the Ashly and the TDM.  Both are good units.  I have not had the Ashlys that long(the longest about 5 years), but I have had TDMs for over 10 years.  TDMs are very reliable, I have never had a problem.  They do not have any metering though, not even a power light!  The TDMs have a simpler layout than the Ashly as to go from 2 way to 3 way you simply take the high out of the first crossover and stick it into the input of the second crossover.  The ashly is basically doing the same thing, but it wants you to press buttons and follow it's routing, which can be confusing at first.  The Ashly also has things like mute buttons on the outputs that can cause confusion if you are not used to working with them and knowing they are there (guess how I know that!). Laughing

I think the Ashly has a bit higher rider respect than the TDM, but if you are hiring your PA out and the BE sees an analogue crossover for FOH, I am pretty certain you will get the "WTF!" look from them.  I get that look with my "lowly" Driverack PA, but I've got bigger holes to fill in my rig right now.

I think the Ashly is prettier, and the name is more well known.  The TDM is only 1 rack space for 4 channels of Xover where as the Ashly will require 2 spaces.  The TDM does offer limiters on the outputs though (although without metering, and having them available only from the bottom of the unit,WITH a tiny screwdriver, makes them more of a pain than a pleasure.

 I believe that both the TDM and Ashly 2001 are around $400-ish new.  For that kind of money, I would just get a Driverack PA.  If you are buying used, I would see what the Driverack PA's are selling for used.  I own all the options you are talking about, and I really think it is worth it for you to go digital.  If for no other reason (and there are plenty of other reasons) than the digital box will have better resale.