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Post by: Andre Ferrer on September 28, 2005, 07:00:29 pm
Does anyone know anything about futurelights!!! Are they any good!!!! Are they as bright as they say.  Do they much noise!!
Post by: Brian Ship on September 30, 2005, 03:23:07 am
As-200: MSD 200/2
Brilliant Flower: Philips #6958 & 7748XHP
Color Changer cc150: Philips #6423FO
Color Changer cc-200: MSD 250/2
Color Changer cc-400: MSD 250/2
Cross beam: Philips #7787XHP, #7787LL
Cross Beam: MSI 575
DF-250: Philips #1316/5H, #1316/10H
Dominator 575: MSI 575
Dominator 1200: MSI 1200 (Sfc 15.5-6)
Dominator II: MSI 1200 (Sfc 15.5-6)
DP-200: MSD 200/2
DP-H 250: Philips #6958 & 7748XHP
Duke hmi1200: MSI 1200 (Sfc 15.5-6)
DV-200: MSD 200/2
Extelight 250 CMY: MSD 250/2
Flowereffect FX-150: Philips #6423FO
Genesis 575: MSI 575
Gobofly: Philips #7787XHP, #7787LL
MH 420: CDM-T 150
MH-640: MSD 250/2
MH-660: MSD 250/2
MH-670: MSD 250/2
MH-675: MSD 250/2
MH-680: MSD 250/2
MH-840: MSR 575/2
MH-860: MSR 575/2
Mercury: MSI 575
Miracle: MSI 575
Miracle: MSI 1200 (Sfc 15.5-6)
PHW-250 & PHS 200 & HPS 250: MSD 250 & MSD 250/2
PHW-700 & PHS-700: MSR 700
PS/D-200: MSD 250/2
RT-150: Philips #6423FO
Scan D-200: MSD 200/2
Scan H-150: Philips #6423FO
Scan sc-250: MSD 250/2
Scan H-250Mks: Philips #1316/5H, #1316/10H
Scan sc-330: Philips #6958 & 7748XHP
Scan sc-335: Philips #1316/5H, #1316/10H
Scan sc-370: MSD 200/2
Scan sc-375: MSD 250/2
Scan sc-530: Philips #6958 & 7748XHP
Scan sc-570: MSD 250/2
Scan sc-740: MSI 575
Scan sc-780: MSI 575
Scan sc-940: MSI 1200 (Sfc 15.5-6)
Scan sc-980: MSI 1200 (Sfc 15.5-6)
Spider: MSI 575
Voyager 575: MSI 575

Heard of the company a few times over the years - nothing bad, also Philips lists their fixtures in their lamp/fixture conversion chart above. While this might or might not mean much, Philips does recognize them as a real company and some of the fixtures are taking the same lamps as other fixtures.

After the above... don't know much a bout the equipment but much of it seems decent enough.
Post by: Dan Brey on September 30, 2005, 01:38:47 pm
What I was told by a Future Light dealer several years ago was Future Light re-branded Robe fixtures when Robe was not selling direct with their own brand. As to whether that is still the case I have no current knowledge.

My nearly identical fixtures from both have been nothing but solid and reliable. I have been very happy with my newer Robe scanners.
Post by: Jordan P.C. O'Neil on October 01, 2005, 03:55:06 pm
Rented some MH-660 (250w MH profile)in the past. Quick and bright for their age and class. Older fixtures have some "scheduled maintenance" issues though: If you need four units, bring five with you.
Post by: Andre Ferrer on October 01, 2005, 10:57:34 pm
Why five instead of four!!!!
Are they weak???

Post by: Jordan P.C. O'Neil on October 02, 2005, 01:03:49 pm
No, they just didn't work so well in a rig as they did before they left the shop - the trick is guessing which one would stop going an hour into the show.