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Title: Any Marquee Users Willing To Comment On Their Consoles?
Post by: Ron Hebbard on September 12, 2005, 04:48:22 am

The subject pretty much asks my question.

I'm interested in hearing comments from anyone operating any versions of the Marquee lighting consoles.
- Have you ever crashed it and, if so, how many times over what time period?
- Are you using most of it's features; seriously putting it to work?
- How many DMX devices are you controlling?
- Are you controlling any movers and, if so, how many?
- How friendly are you finding it?
- How many times have you had to contact support and cry "Uncle!"?
- How quickly did their support solve your problems?
- Has it ever had to leave your building for service and, if so, how long was it out of your hands?
- Would you recommend it?
- Would you purchase another one?

Those sorts of questions.
Basically, is it ready for prime time?
Would you put one in a 2,000 seat venue, sell tickets, and sleep nights?

When you can please.

Ron Hebbard