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Title: Tascam 1RU CD player
Post by: John Michaels on September 07, 2005, 10:01:08 am
To save some rack space, I just got one of the new Tascam 1U CD players. I bought the one with balanced outs (CD-01U Pro - about $600) – which is about $100 more than the one with unbalanced outs. I like it. It’s slot loading, and has just a few controls on the front. It has a wireless remote, from which you can do everything. Changing stop/repeat modes is easy. There are a bunch of features I haven’t tried yet – like cueing the first audio on a track, warning you when you’re x seconds away from the end of a track, pitch change, tempo change (without pitch change). It also has a 20-second shock buffer. Hopefully the laser will last longer than the one on my CDA-700 (which was treated very gently). Since Sony stopped making theirs, this is the only 1U CD player out there. As with the CDA-700, the balanced outs are so hot you'll probably want to use inline pads.