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Title: cancelling reverb- room treatment
Post by: jeffhtg (Jeff Kenney) on August 16, 2005, 05:03:48 pm
Looking at a historic theatre again.. I have seen rooms done like this many diffrent ways. Room is about 90 feet wide and 150feet long.25-30'ish ceiling (stucco). Walls are block with heavy felt curtains along the top sides (about 15 feet long). There is a hard wood balcony and lower hard wood floors. the bottom 10 feet of wall is 3/4 bare plywood ontop of existing drywall / stud wall. Teak dancefloor with very minimal carpeting in the room..

Huge amount of reverb.. In the past ive steered the sound as much as possible off the walls.. but there is still a tremendous degredation of intelligbility. I do not have the budget to really pay a professional to help me.. Are there any basic suggestions to treating hard reflective surfaces or building traps or panels? I have seen many DIY fiberfill type delios - most of which i don't feel helped much.