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Title: Too good to be true?
Post by: AlexG on December 18, 2004, 12:18:44 am
Ok, this site that I've been purchasing lights from has their own version of the Stage Wash 1500 here.
I originally wanted the Stage Wash 900  here , but for only $10 more, does anyone think it would be worth it?
Title: Re: Too good to be true?
Post by: Rob Blohm on December 20, 2004, 04:37:34 pm
I've bought a lot of stuff from centerstage lighting...I think they just rebrand chauvet or american dj stuff and slap their name on it.

I have a pair of the 900's, and while they're pretty cool there is one MAJOR drawback. The way the dimmer intensity responds to DMX is set in 100% from the board actually means 0% intensity to the light. Now if you've got a nice board you can set up a custom dimmer profile and fix this problem in a jiffy....but if you're using a cheaper, economy board, then you're kinda sunk unless you want the thing to be on all the time. Also, don't be confused by the number of dmx channels. I first thought that with 4 channels you could control the intensity of each color, allowing completely custom color mixing. That's not the can only cycle through their preset  colors. You also gotta consider what you're using these for. I wanted to use mine as a cyc wash....but to get true color mixing the fixture has to be a few feet away from what you're lighting. If this is going up on a truss and just washing a whole band, you should be fine. In my case I had less than a foot between the lights and the it doesn't cover it as well as I'd like.

I haven't tried the 1500's, but they look better to me than the 900's....but probably have the same problem with the dimmer.
Title: Re: Too good to be true?
Post by: AlexG on December 21, 2004, 10:44:17 am
Hey thanks for the info, I think I'm just going to go with a couple 900s, they'll be lighting a band from a truss so they should work fine. However, I have a Chauvet DMX50 controller, could I set up a custom dimmer profile on that or am I screwed? I'd really like to be able to dim the light so if thats not going to work do you know of any color-changing floodlights that I could dim?
Title: Re: Too good to be true?
Post by: Rob Blohm on December 21, 2004, 02:11:11 pm
I don't know much about that chauvet controller. Since it is a chauvet there is a chance they may have put something in to work with the 900, but I kinda doubt it. I've only seen custom dimmer profiles on some of the higher end boards, like ETC express and similar boards. But you're not screwed, you can still dim them, it's just that it's reversed. If these are the only lights you're using, you should be fine...just remember that the blackout button is actually going to turn  the light on. But if you're mixing this with par cans and other lights, it's going to prove to be more of a hassle.

I don't know of any color changing floodlights, but you can always get 3 par cans and use those for color mixing. Use WFL lamps in them, and get red, green, and blue gels. It may not work as well as the 900, but technically you'll be getting more flexibilty anyways.
Title: Re: Too good to be true?
Post by: AlexG on December 22, 2004, 12:28:39 am
Argh, that sounds like a real pain. I'll be using them with some Chauvet Omega 1 scanners and some strobes. I think I may just buy one of the controllers that works just with the 900s. I need the portability of having all that color changing in one package rather than three par cans. Thanks again.
Title: Re: Too good to be true?
Post by: Evan Lamb on December 22, 2004, 11:55:26 am
How far away from the band do you think you could use the 1500 or even the 900? I want to wash the stage so do you think I can get away with two of these 25'-30' back from the stage about 20' up or am I pushing it?