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Title: SIA Acoustic Tools: ASCII export non-functional
Post by: Shane Ervin on September 17, 2004, 11:53:27 am
Has anyone bought SIA's Acoustic Tools s/w?

If so, is the ASCII export function important to you?  SIA's product literature and the web site claim that the s/w performs this function, despite the fact that the function doesn't work in the current version, now shipping.

I'd appreciate any feedback from AT users.  Thanks.
Title: Re: SIA Acoustic Tools: ASCII export non-functional
Post by: Josh Evans on October 14, 2004, 09:35:01 am
YES! its important.  especially if you want to do anything with excel, postprocessing.... I use it in SMAART 4.  If it doesnt work in live 5 you should post somthing about it here.
Title: Re: SIA Acoustic Tools: ASCII export non-functional
Post by: Shane Ervin on October 14, 2004, 11:13:17 am
Seems reasonable enough.  Here's what I wrote on the support board, where I found an entry dating back to March 2004:
_____ ______ ______
I advised a local acoustics engineering firm to buy SIA AT, acting on the strength of the statement made in the demo version that the ACII export function works in the full release version.

On trying out the full release, we immediately found the same problems you describe here. I only wish I had seen your post before I made the purchase recommendation.

Have you had any luck speaking with SIA's staff to fix this or get some sort of a remedy? Our only response from SIA so far has been very disappointing. How did they treat you? Or is this board the only method of communication used so far on the issue?

As we await a SIA fix, or a superior solution (N.I. LabView?), my colleague's wife has to manually type in the filtered dB values to her spreadsheet/database using the SIA AT "crosshair" to glean the 1/3 octave centre frequency and associated dB value. For an afternoon of ASTM E336 noise isolation measurements, it takes her >4000 keystrokes using "eye-hand coordination".

After reading SIA's email reply to my professional engineer colleague's request for a remedy, I feel badly for having been the consultant that brought this paying customer to SIA's door. $1200 CDN up in smoke - and worse - a rude and ill-considered email from a key player at SIA to boot!

All in a day's work I guess.

Hello, SIA! Please sort this out by supplying a fix to the ASCII export function or, at your choosing, kindly authorize the requested refund to my colleague's small firm.

Re: one of your comments, please note: No one in my circle of professional colleagues uses pirated software. It is a matter of profound importance to us as duly registered Professional Engineers. So if a refund comes, rest assured the s/w will be un-installed.

My colleague's wife, for one, will be happy to put the crosshair business and manual typing behind her!

I, for one, will be happier that I acted properly by steering a fellow engineer towards SIA. At the moment, I regret having done so.

SIA, it's in your hands.
Title: Re: SIA Acoustic Tools: ASCII export non-functional... Still
Post by: Shane Ervin on June 15, 2005, 12:55:34 pm
Still no remedy from SIA on this issue.
Title: ASCII Data Export - Fix from SIA in the works !
Post by: Shane Ervin on August 10, 2005, 08:41:18 am
News update:

Calvert Dayton has extended the olive branch and we accepted to work his new plan.

Details here on SIA Forum

Sitrep as of this posting:
Title: Re: ASCII Data Export - Fix from SIA - SLOW COMING
Post by: Shane Ervin on October 02, 2005, 06:16:18 pm
Geez, will this never end?

Calvert... come on, just authorize the damned refund, will you?

You posted the olive branch offer in July.  It's October now.

If you can't deliver the promised code this week, then please, please, just give the man back his money.   Okay?  It won't bankrupt SIA financially as much as it has bankrupted your reputation up here.