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Title: Design errors
Post by: David Trotter on September 14, 2004, 12:50:53 pm
Noticing quite a few measurment errors in Jerremy's plans which are leading to further setbacks and more days of planing and routing on my part.

In the plans, the ouside top/front/back pieces are 552.5mm wide. after you have routed 9mm as he says for the finger join of each side and put it together, the side pieces will sit 552.5 - 18 = 534.5mm apart. OOPS!, all the inner pieces are cut to 533mm width!!

I guess these errors come from the conversion from imperial to metric

Also, the flair pieces are causing confusion, as you seem to have to take 10 degrees of the sides so they fit flush. However, if i do this, they will no longer be wide enough. hmm...

So before i start putting these things together using these designs, are there any other major measurment errors that anyone knows about. I have gone and put blind faith in these plans and cut all the pieces exactly to their measurments.

wish me luck, having problems from days 1.
Title: Re: Design errors
Post by: Jeremy Bridge on September 22, 2004, 07:47:38 pm
Ummm The measurements are from Autocad and are rounded to the nearest mm.

I don't know abot you but if you can get cuts acurate to 0.5mm then you are doing much better than me  Smile

The flare pannels are quite confusing and take a while to get perfect.

Hope this helps

Title: Re: Design errors
Post by: kevinnemrava on September 26, 2004, 09:35:24 pm
.5 mm, .. man your good!

I think there could be SMALL errors, from rounding, but I can't see there being anything "wrong".

Title: Re: Design errors
Post by: David Trotter on September 30, 2004, 08:46:14 am
It's 1.5mm which came out as nearly 2. Wasn't too bad tho, cos it only took a couple hours to take it off the sides.

Put 3 together and they fit really well. The pieces were cut by a joiner on a digital table saw, so they're very accurate. Should have routed the modules in tho... nevermind.

Anyone had problems using polyfiller to seal the chambers?