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Title: 1 lab sub enough?????
Post by: bmwtecandy on September 05, 2004, 09:02:22 pm
hey guys i was wondering if 1 lab sub would be able to outperform 1 yamaha sw118iv in a house party/small bar situation.  the lab sub is a little big for my bcurrent modes of transportation but i would love to build one.  i have been told to use them in atleast pairs of 2 but there is now way i can move that much.  would i be able to power it comfortably with a crown ce-1000 briged?  how directional am i gonna find this unit to be in a smaller room?  thanks for the info.
Title: Re: 1 lab sub enough?????
Post by: Rick on September 06, 2004, 02:18:02 am

Im currently running 1 lab sub in a club/bar, with one channel of a Crown CE 4000, it is basically an over kill by 100% even when we have packed 150 people in there. It just rattles light fittings, and makes glasses fall off the bar, which the owners dont appreciate Laughing . Im constantly asked "do you have anything smaller?"

So I think you will find a LAB will outdo a yamaha sw118iv.
They are an experience to build and listen to, and sound great!.
In smaller rooms, i have found them to have a power ally as you would expect, so yes they can be rather directional in regards to SPL, but there is still plenty of bass to fill the rest of the room, I wouldnt worry about that!.  Just point it towards your dance floor, not the DJ Rolling Eyes

" i have been told to use them in atleast pairs of 2"
Hm, true, 4 is the best. you just need to keep an eye on how much power you are throwing at a single standing LAB, but with a CE1000 bridged, you should do fine. Idealy I would give a CE2000 bridged a look, just to leave yourself some headroom.  

thats my 20cents worth