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Title: yorkie u215..... anyone heard yet?
Post by: jt on August 31, 2004, 01:35:42 pm
i have to do an install in the next month and i need to find some mid high boxes. the yorkvilles look good except they don't seem to have very high spl for the power handling and number of drivers. i need a box that will throw to the back of a 75' narrow room without spilling all over the walls and each other (the main room is only about 30' wide, 75' deep) i would like to do a 1 box per side flown solution with some short throw front fills underneath. this will be a punk rock/hard core venue so i need to be able to hurt people or it won't be enough. but you can also see by the dimensions that it isn't a very big venue so the budget is not huge. looks like i can get my hands on some lab subs for low end so i'm all set there just need the tops.
any help or experience with the yorkville or alternatives would be great.

i currently use eaw la325's/jbl 4719's which i love but i don't think they have the sheer power or the throw that i need for this application.

Title: Re: yorkie u215..... anyone heard yet?
Post by: Mike Pyle on August 31, 2004, 04:31:36 pm
I have a pair of U215s in stock but haven't had an opportunity to demo them yet. I have used the U15, 4 tops over 4 LA400 subs in a 100' x 74' room with 500-600 salsa dancers. Based on that experience I would say that a pair of U215s and lab subs will put out PLENTY for the size room you describe, at least way louder than I could stand.

Title: Re: yorkie u215..... anyone heard yet?
Post by: jt on August 31, 2004, 04:55:13 pm
so compare them to say, the tx8 or a kf650 jbl 4733 or my la325's. my first thought was to hang four kf650s in there but i don't think there is enough room as the stage is not as wide as i would like. i even thought about a couple of kf730's as a center hang but we don't think there is enough clearance unless we hang em right up tight against the ceiling which i don't think is a good idea. i like the idea of the tx8 but i have a real hard time believing that that 8" mid can keep up with the 2 15's when push comes to shove.

Title: Re: yorkie u215..... anyone heard yet?
Post by: Mike Lucito on August 31, 2004, 08:09:32 pm
I've had a pair of the 215's for a few months now.  They will do rock & roll quite nicely in a 30x75 room.  It's tougher to make them sound "strained" than the average dual 15"/2" box.  If you're really worried about getting the absolute maximum levels out of them, biamp and xover at about 450-500 Hz, which is a little higher than the stock 300 Hz.

Comparing them to the JBL 4733 isn't much of a contest, the U215 wins hands down.  U215 vs TX8 isn't as trivial.  The TX8 is tougher but the U215 is less expensive, doesn't require a processer, and sounds better IMHO at the levels you would be working with.  Can't help you with the other comparisons though.

Hope this helps.