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Title: I Need Subs
Post by: Evan Lamb on August 16, 2004, 11:29:43 pm
And I guess I couldn't be in a better place to find which ones to get so I need some advice from the pro's out there.

I've been doing rock shows for a while and all I'm running is a pair of Mackie 1530's. While most of the crowd thinks its great  I need some damn low end. So if I'm only worried about maybe 100-200(max) people indoors what do you guys suggest?

-A couple of LABS? (which drivers, which amp)
-Peavey qw218 or two? (which amp)
-to match the current mackie powered theme a pair of mackie swa1801's?

I've been able to price the powered Mackie's but I'm having a hard time finding out how much a couple of labs with decent drivers and amp would cost to build, and I can't seem to find any qw218's on ebay. So what do you guys suggest. The budget is around $2000 - less is better - and I'd like a set of subs that would grow with the system when I get some real Mains. Help a brother out please...

Title: Re: I Need Subs
Post by: Timmahh on August 17, 2004, 11:44:59 pm
build a pair of labs.  use the Lab 12 Drivers from Eminance at 150.00 retail depending on your materials and current supplies.  will run you in the neighborhood of 1300.00 give or take to do a pair, more or less depending on how much and what you do, cnc. linex coateing ect. all add to cost.  you'll want a good amp to drive them.  capible of 2 ohm per side ( though it will most likely never see it) and pushing some power, though it seem many havent had really major problems useing 400w a side.  you ll mostly likely spend more money than 2 grand by the time you do the labs, amp and DBS DriveRack 260, so you can get the proper time alignment.
good luck and make dust...
Title: Re: I Need Subs
Post by: Evan Lamb on August 18, 2004, 01:56:06 am
So what amp do you recommend? I have access to a CE-1000, think that would do the LAB justice?

Thanks again,
Title: Re: I Need Subs
Post by: Marjan Milosevic on August 18, 2004, 03:06:07 am

I don't want to disappoint you but CE 1000 will definitely not going to be enough.

Title: Re: I Need Subs
Post by: Scott Hibbard on August 18, 2004, 09:23:49 pm

If $ 2k is your budget and CE-1000 is all you have (for now) to power new subs, I would suggest you take an alternate route.  With $ 2k you can purchase (as an example) 2 Yorkville Elite LS800P's.  They are self-powered 1500 watt single 18" with a street price at about $ 1k each.  They are excellent self-powered subs but do weigh about 145 pounds each if that is of any consideraton for you.

If that's pressing your budget too close, or if the LS800P is too big for your liking, consider the Elite LS700P.  It's a self-powered 700 watt dual 10" with a street price of around $ 750.  So two of these put you well within your budget.  They also weigh 95 pounds or so (50 pounds less than the LS800P) but of course don't have quite the same output as the LS800P (about 3 db less) but still very capable little subs.  I believe either one would be an excellent match for the 3-way Mackie 1530's.

You mentioned getting "real" mains someday and I am not sure what you had in mind there.  But if you have something specific in mind as "real" mains for the future (i.e. EAW, McCauley, Turbos, Yorkville TX?) it would be wise to take the sub purchase into consideration now.  These subs are a good match for your Mackie's but wouldn't be your first choice for a larger touring system.

Title: Re: I Need Subs
Post by: Ron Schroeyens on August 26, 2004, 09:22:32 pm
We have a test one we built out of finland birch for sale. It never got painted though. Box and Two drivers if you are interested. Note must ship from Ont canada