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Title: Phonic DB2 DI-box
Post by: David Gunnardo on June 13, 2004, 11:48:49 am
I buyed two DB2's last week and i wonder what you guys have to say about them. My first impression isn't that good.

Firstly, they had a low frequency noise, (like ac-noise). Not loud but i can't remember hearing that noise on any other di-box i have tried.

Then, when the synth (which was driven through the linebx into the mixer) was played on, everytime the player hit hard there was distortion and "clicks". That was with -20dB attenuation. I thought i would have to get it down to -40dB so i went to the stage and changed it. It was less distorition, even though it was not gone.

Already at -20dB attenuation, i had to run the gain on the board pretty "high" for to be a DI-box. And when it was down to -40dB, i had to run it even higher with a lot of noise as an effect.

This disturbes me a lot since the construction itself, acording to size, battery-placement, feeling in connections and so on is just fine for the price (even better than average).

Whats your thoughts on it?