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Title: Sequencer Tracks Available???
Post by: Terry Martin on May 24, 2004, 11:45:28 pm
We're interested in trying sequencing to compliment our rock act - increase the scope of our material so to speak.

Anyone got a line on sequencer tracks that can be downloaded?  I'd like to tip toe in to this with minimal investment to use at practice.  I'd like to know if we can make it work before plunging in to a sequencer/workstation.

Title: Re: Sequencer Tracks Available???
Post by: Dave Wallker on June 11, 2004, 07:17:10 pm
Hi Terry. You are going to need some sort of sequencing software for your Pc or Laptop, If you buy or download the tracks you want to play (assuming you are doing covers), you will have to edit out the tracks you dont need and then add a click track to the sequence. I usually use a rim shot sound played four to the bar like a metronome. If you are using a laptop or Pc for live performance, pan the click track to left  for the Drummer to listen to on headphones or Iem's and the sequence track to the right or if you are using Minidisc or Dat, record the sequence track on one side and the click on the other. This is a subject I have been involved in since 1988 so if you need any specific answers to your problems, feel free to email me. Dave W.