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Title: How does this 'midbass' setup sound?
Post by: Eric Wong! on May 24, 2004, 06:44:42 pm
My current setup is- 2 EV Gladiator G115 tops, 2 SB180 18" "subscoop" bottoms.  Top driven by AB Int'l 600LX amp, bottom driven by Crown Mactro-Tech 5000vz. I have a Ashly XR2001 4 channel 2 way or stereo 3 way crossover.  

Here was my thinking- the EV subs have a substatial amount of output rising from 80 Hz to about 150 hz then it levels back down, most likely from the reverse scoop design which hornloads the upper frquencies.  Its also got EV's best woofer, the EVX180B driver in there.  

(for the freq response chart, please see: sorry I dont know how to paste the PDF onto here for easy viewing. a0d48625693b00587781/$FILE/sb180-eds.pdf )

I'm thinking if I built the 2 Labhorns, I was planning to just use the G115's on the top although they wont be loud enough to keep up with 2 Labs with a 5000vz on the pair.  So...I plan to use the SB180's to play from approx 80-250 hz.  They should be able to get extremely loud in that region, then it would free up the tops so I could push even more power into the highs.  

Another thing is i play alot of dance music, so that reverse scooped 18" woofer pushing 80-200 should be able to move a significant amount of air in the "punch" region.  I'd have to buy another amp and possibly some time delays too.  

Another thing, is that the EV SB180's are about the same dimensions width wise as a labhorn, and about 1/2 of one high, so I could easily stack the SB180 ontop of the labhorn and then the tops above that if the application called for it.  Any thoughts?  
Title: Re: How does this 'midbass' setup sound?
Post by: Al Limberg on May 24, 2004, 08:58:20 pm
Hi Eric,
Looking at that response graph is a little scary frankly.  Just considering the 80-200hz range, the graph shows an output of 99db at 80, about 113 at 160 and about 89 at 200.  That's a pretty serious 'honk' in there.  Eq'ing that amount of variance isn't likely to make for a smooth and high fidelity result. While I'm not familiar with your top boxes, I am going to guess that they're using a 15" low freq driver.  That should be fully capable of handling down to 80hz for you.  Admittedly, the output of your top box will be the limiting factor in your system, but with modern music, typically you will want the ability for your subs to 'outrun' your tops by about 6 db. Personally, I would sell both the subs and the analog cross-over and buy a good DSP and use some $$ to get the system properly analyzed and time-aligned.  Any additional output capability the sub-as-midbass gives you is apt to be pretty ugly and unusable anyway.