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Title: Pushing thru the Frustration - (long) Dissolution of a band and a problem client
Post by: Rain Jaudon on May 10, 2004, 03:11:19 pm
Man - I don't think Ive ever "vented" on the LAB before.
Glad the basement is here so I can stand in the corner and yell for a bit! haha  Laughing

Long story short, I have a base duo that works 250-300 shows a year  and has been together 7 years.  
Due to personality changes and differing views on how to be professional on and off stage, the band has decreed a Dissolution.

This was typed up and done compeletely in writing to combat the "he said, she said" BS that can happen when ya do this all over the phone or over coffee.

Gigs that were already contracted were divided between the 2 of us and the clients were contacted and given the choice of retaining the NEW band lineup or droping the show without penalty.

All of my clients retained my new duo.  A few of my former partner's clients stated that they hired the act for ME, not her and someone else.  I have no problem helping her fulfill these shows as long as shes fair and professional and have stated this to her.

Had one BIG client(18 weekends, house PA, nearly 20grand pay) which was contacted early on in all of this.  I told the entertainment department the old duo was gone, but that I had a new partner that would surpass anything I have ever brought to their property. (I have played this contract for the past 3 years  as well as numerous single dates with them)

They replied with "its the original band, or nothing".
I then had to give a brief description of my ex-partner's lack of a work ethic and the many reasons we should have been fired if not for my fast thinking or corrective cover ups.

They again replied that they only wanted the original act.

Now, please don't think my ex partner brought anything to the stage. She didnt.  Simply that shes a 44 year old female drummer.
Thats it.  No vocals, no skimpy tops, and rarely a  smile on stage.

I again asked why they would back me into a corner over this (requiring me to bring a sub standard show back to their property)
It pretty much was conflicting me 100%!

I finally have had it and wrote the Entertainment Dept, their Secretary and the AV dept and informed them I was not honoring their demands, I was offering a new and improved show, and was sorry that it could not be resolved any other way.

Fun, eh?

Title: Re: Pushing thru the Frustration - (long) Dissolution of a band and a problem client
Post by: Dietrich Sider on May 10, 2004, 03:42:29 pm
Hey Rain

My sympathies to you - these things are never fun, but it sounds like you've made a decision that's right for you, and I respect you for being professional about the consequences. I think you're right to stick to your principles, even though it means losing out on a major client. After all, if you thought that playing with your old partner was a good idea, you would be doing that.

Best Wishes
Title: Re: Pushing thru the Frustration - (long) Dissolution of a band and a problem client
Post by: Rob Burgess on May 10, 2004, 04:48:19 pm
Hey Rain,
Not much you can do except get on with your life.  If you have any hope of salvaging that old gig the only way you're going to have any luck is to invite some of the key people to see your new band play.  Even so, they may already have contracted someone else to do the gigs so you might not get the gig back right away, or even at all.  All you can do is be honest with them and give them a chance to get to know Rain, The Band (mk II).  Remember that most people are afraid of change and this is probably a knee jerk reaction on their part.  Give them time.  

In the meantime use the extra time off to learn or write some new tunes and spend some more time with your daughter.  Once she starts to get older you'll be glad you did.