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Title: Watch out for this guy
Post by: BrutalMix on May 06, 2004, 07:28:09 am
P.O.D. production manager. Due to low ticket sales show was moved to smaller venue. Production manager took out frustrations out on local crew. Biggest baby I've seen in years. Bands and Techs were great but production manager was disrespectful and basicly a jerk. If it was not for the local crews "Show must go on attitude" they would have walked. Watch out for this guy it may be along day.
Title: Use Your Real Name
Post by: John Penkala on May 06, 2004, 09:31:40 am
         I hope all is well. Per the LAB FAQ you are supposed to use your real name when posting. It helps maintain the legitimacy of the LAB. If you don't feel like want to use your real name please don't post. Thanks and take care.

John Penkala
Title: Re: Use Your Real Name
Post by: Michael 'Bink' Knowles on May 06, 2004, 09:53:21 am
Say, John, if you click on the BrutalMix link up there at the head of his post you go to his Profile page where it lists his first and last name as Joseph Williams. I should think this satisfies Dave's requirements.

Michael 'Bink' Knowles
Title: Re: Watch out for this guy
Post by: Michael Strickland on May 06, 2004, 11:14:44 am
I will be attending their show when it stops here. I know the house guys at the venue, and I'll give them a heads up.
Tour is using local racks and stacks, right? But they're bringing their own consoles and monitors?
I believe their last tour was all ShowCo, so maybe they're bummed about not having full production too.
Title: Re: Use Your Real Name
Post by: John Penkala on May 06, 2004, 11:30:48 am
      My apologies to Joseph. I'm still getting used to the new LAB Format. I didn't like it at first glance but it's starting to grow on me. Take care.

John Penkala
Title: Re: Watch out for this guy
Post by: Chad Olech on May 06, 2004, 06:51:16 pm
I feel the need to respond to this mostly because I am the Production Manager / FOH in question.  Yes the P.O.D. show was moved from the Brady Theater to the significantly smaller Cains Ballroom due to poor ticket sales for that day. After talking with the Promoter about the house audio system and seeing the spec sheet, on paper it looked like the system could do a good job of handling the sound requirements for the show. The reality of it was a much different thing though. My crew and I showed up in the morning and were greeted by 105db of Dixie Chicks blaring through the P.A. while we were trying to eat our breakfast. I went to the house Audio guy and asked him to please shut it off while we were eating….. I didn’t even fully sit back down before he was at it again. This time admittedly I lost my cool and screamed at him to shut it off. He mumbled something about needing to “Test” it, to which I replied there will be plenty of time to test it later but not now. The rest of the day was going smooth until about 2:00 when I started to get ready for soundcheck. As I played some music through the P.A. I noticed a distinct lack of low end, and as I got the system up to show volume I was clipping his sub amps so I shut it down and discussed it with the Promoter. I don’t want to come into anyone’s venue and destroy stuff on them. I have spent too many years in that chair to do it to someone else. So we came to the decision to rent more subs for the show. I was told by the house audio guy that it would take about an hour or so to get them to us and set up. I pushed my soundcheck back and waited for an hour before I finally got my band on stage and at least ran a monitor check with them. About an hour and a half after that 2 of the 4 2x18s showed up. They were JBL SR series with Crown power and I thought to myself that “this will turn out to be a good show after all”.  It was now 4:30ish and time was getting short before our 6pm doors. And I still had to EQ the system and do some sort of check on it plus get up the 3 support acts we have with us. I was informed that the remaining 2 subs wouldn’t show up until after doors were supposed to open. So after some complaining and grumbling I said screw it and started putting up the support bands. At about 6:20 the other 2 subs showed up. I was lucky enough to have caught them before they made it into the venue. I am not sure what they were (and I am not sure if anyone could tell me) but they had Peavey handles and looked like they were made in someone’s garage earlier that day using some bits of 2x4 that they found laying around in the back yard and some left over plywood and wood screws from some home build it yourself project. I would be embarrassed to show up to a gig with these in my truck. I promptly told the supplier to get them, the JBL ones and himself out of my site and off my gig. Then I asked that the house guy be removed as well because he is the one who wasted half my day and hired the guy with the homemade subs. As always the show must go on and it did albeit with less low end than we should have had for this show. I can’t say enough good things about the local crew (stagehands, loaders, promoter and house guys (with the exception of Audio)) and I would be proud to work with Don, Jamie, Dusty and the rest again. I don’t believe for even a second that they were thinking of walking off that job. As a mater of fact some of them came up to me and shook my hand and said they were proud of me for what I did, they said it was a long time coming. In the end was I a Jerk….. Yes I am sure that I was…. But….. that is what I am paid to do under those conditions….. I am not there to be everyone’s best friend, if I can be that is great, but my first priority is to my artist not the local guy who’s feelings I hurt. I don’t enter a venue and see who I can piss off first but if things that were agreed upon don’t happen I will be a jerk it will be a long day and the show will still go on.  Sorry for the long post.
Title: Re: Watch out for this guy
Post by: Geri O'Neil on May 06, 2004, 07:25:18 pm
From time to time, we get a heads-up about how a tech with a group is a jerk, hard to get along with, or otherwise impossible to please. Regardless, we start with a clean slate, no pre-dispositions and almost to a head, we find the crew or person in question friendly and easy to get along with. This has to be due to things similar to what you've mentioned. I wasn't there, so I'm not gonna take sides with this particular issue, however, I always mention what I heard to the people involved and ask about their side of the story and it almost always goes just like this story. In 20 years, I've run into maybe a half-dozen guys that just couldn't be pleased no matter what and as soon as I quit trying, we started to get along fine. It all still boils down to fulfilling promises in a timely manner, just as in any vocations.

As I said, I'm not gonna take sides with this particular incident, but I can certainly relate....

Geri "slowly getting used to the new digz" O
Title: Re: Watch out for this guy
Post by: Jason McLaurin on May 06, 2004, 08:39:35 pm

After looking at the spec myself, I can see why you would have thought it would be okay.  Did you talk to the house audio people at all before you arrived?  If they've got 4 x double-18's per side, why wasn't it keeping up?  If anything, running one sub per top should pound.  Maybe there was a time-alignment or polarity issue, which of course would be the venue's fault.

To play devil's advocate, maybe the house guy wasn't responsible for the rig's problems.  I wasn't there and can't say who was right or wrong, but it's low class to unload on guys just because they're in the same crappy situation you're in.  But if he was getting in your way when things were already bad, I don't feel too sorry for him.  What did throwing the guy out accomplish?  I'm surprised it happened that way--of course no one's ever asked that I be thrown off my own rig, but if they insisted, it would be powered off for the night first  Very Happy

In any case, I wish you in-phase subs for the rest of the tour.

Title: Re: Watch out for this guy
Post by: Dave Stevens on May 06, 2004, 09:03:37 pm
I think Chad was being nice. I would have bounced the guy right after he turned the PA back up after being asked to turn it down.  

Title: Re: Watch out for this guy
Post by: A Man on May 07, 2004, 12:53:36 am
I feel a need to respond to this as I was Chad's SE on a tour.
(not P.O.D.) and we cross paths every once in a while on our respective tours.

Chad is one of the nicest, easiest to work with persons that I have encountered. He would push the rig to the limits for sure, but once I gave him a reading, he would do the corrective measures to put it back in the 'nice' zone.
He always acted in a professional manner in every situation and I would be pleased to work with him again. (I'm sure we will)

After reading his rebuttal, I can see why he got 'steamed'.
He had a arrangement with the promoter for supplemental -professional- subs and (I'm guessing it was the original poster) dropped the ball and brought some Q-tips to a gun fight, and coupled with the fact that (you) continued to play Dixie Chicks after asked to give it a few, not to mention DURING BREAKFAST, is a real easy way to piss any BE / PM off.

Dave is right, he was being nice.

Title: Re: Watch out for this guy
Post by: Michael Strickland on May 07, 2004, 11:28:59 am
Wow, how on earth did you fit all that gear on a 23 inch deep stage?!?

That said, you'll have no problem with the house system here. Plenty of low end.

I'll be there to cheer on Lacuna Coil!