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Title: USB-DMX, Hogs and stuff....
Post by: Tim McCulloch on April 22, 2004, 12:04:24 am

Wayward noize boy here... the lighting dept of our shop has purchased some HOG-PC items- the Widget, a playback wing, and a programming wing.  All told a realistically priced package, but my employer is curious as to the exact inner workings of the Widget (thrift mode *on*).

Is it simply a USB to DMX converter, or are there other things going on inside the box?  If it's simply a protocol converter, are there a products that any of you have successfully used?  What was involved in implementing the converter?

I'd also be interested in user comments regarding the Hog PC vs. the Whole Hog II.  I don't care about the GrandMA, or anything ETC, or Frog, etc... not that I'm prejudiced regarding them, but simply that we do not, and are not likely to, own them.


Tim Mc

Title: Re: USB-DMX, Hogs and stuff....
Post by: Scott Raymond on April 22, 2004, 12:39:52 pm

There was a post on the "old" lighting forum a while back about the Hog PC and wings.  About the only actual use post I can remember.  May not be much help but the links below.  I happen to have Hog PC on my computer but none of the goodies.  Good learning tool and powerfull software! I thought about picking up the widget to try but a "grand" is pretty steep.

Post by Mike Sveda