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Title: Soundtech 1510 Questions - Wiring and Crossover
Post by: Micah Buckley-Farlee on June 26, 2011, 04:07:28 pm

I recently picked up a pair of Soundtech 1510s. These are from the early 80s, and have 2x15", 2x10", 2 tweeters and a horn. They look like this:
( (

However, the way they are wired is really odd and I'm trying to figure out how to pull it off best. The back panel looks like this (sorry about the washed out pic)
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So, the top two jacks (biamp hi and lo) power just the tweeters and horn and just the 15"s, respectively.

The left and right jacks on bottom are wired in parallel and power the 15"s and the tweeters and horn, but not the 10"s. The middle bottom jack powers just the 10"s.

First of all, does anyone have any reason why they would be wired this way?

Furthermore, though, I've been trying to figure out how to best power these speakers. For the time being at least, we cannot afford a second amp, so they are being powered off of one amp (a Crown XTi 2000).

I presume, though have no way to measure, that the bottom jacks (the hi+lo, and then mids) are both 4 ohms, so I hooked them up in parallel since the amp is rated at 2 ohms. This works, but since the mids get the full range signal, I have to back off on power so as not to blow them out.

Is there any kind of passive crossover I could use to filter out the lows going to the mids, between the amp and the input jack?