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Title: DC-One Limiter
Post by: Jason Miller on May 03, 2011, 10:34:29 pm
Sorry I tried to post this before and stupid me I forgot to change my name in my profile, so lets try this again

I am going to be installing a EV DC-ONE in my church tomorrow which is a replacement for the Behringer DSP8024 that is on it's last leg.

Anyway I have been reading and reading and reading on how to set limiters and now my head hurts and I don't know if I got anywhere, it seem like every calculator I try it gives me a diffrent answer, and no where have I seen on how to calculate a release time.

I was wondering if someone could give me some figures for my set up

Mains: 4 JBL AE18/95
Main Amps: 2 QSC RMX 2450(one speaker on each channel)
Subs: 2 EV TourX TX1181
Sub Amp: Peavey CS 3000

The Gain setting on the main amps are at 28 and the sub amp are at 0db (these are the markings on the amp)

If you can't give me numbers can you give me a formula or calculator that will work.  Thank you

Again sorry about the mix up