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Title: Trouble projecting video
Post by: Dan Kreider on September 20, 2009, 01:55:06 pm
Hi guys,

We have a Sony projector that acts as an extension of the FOH computer's desktop - so when you move the mouse off the computer screen to the right, it appears on the projected image from the left side.  It works great for Easy Worship and Power Point.

The problem is when I try to play movies (from DVD or whatever) through a standard movie player.  I've tried InterVideo and Windows Media Player.  They work fine on the monitor...  but when I drag the window onto the 2nd desktop (the projector), the image disappears.  The video image inside the active window is replaced by black - even though the movie is still playing (and the sound is coming through).

Can anyone help me with this??  Should we have a different video configuration, or is it a matter of software?

Title: Re: Trouble projecting video
Post by: Tim Padrick on September 29, 2009, 02:09:19 am
The same thing happens on my home PC.  Odd thing is, the main screen - with the start-up splash screens, desktop icons, taskbar, etc., is the screen that videos will not play on.

On the laptop at the theater, IIRC I have to set the external monitor to Clone to get vids to play on the projector.