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Title: Electric Guitar DI Box
Post by: Kevin Drysdale on June 01, 2007, 12:50:26 am
Ok - I was scouting around on eBay the other day and came across a Behringer DI box for an electric guitar.  It had some kind of amplifier modelling option that would model the sound of a 4x12 speaker cabinet.  I'm not a huge Behringer fan (too much negative press that I want to stay away for ethical reasons) so I am wondering if there are any non-Behringer DI's similar to something like that.  The reason - we will be recording soon and we are trying to reduce stage sound to keep mics clear of unwanted sounds.  The guitar player LOVES the sound of micing his tube amp.  So...I'm hoping to recreate this sound somehow with a DI box and, if needed, some processor.  Any recommendations?

Title: Re: Electric Guitar DI Box
Post by: Stephen Maloney on June 01, 2007, 02:07:14 am
Fat chance of trying to recreate a mic'd tube amp with a DI box or processor... but i guess you could explore guitar amp modelers like, vox tonelab, line6 pod stuff. But as a fellow guitar player who is anal about tone, i don't think your guitar player would agree.

Is this a live recording? you could always place his amp in the wings or in another room i guess.
Title: Re: Electric Guitar DI Box
Post by: Tom Dowd on June 01, 2007, 02:18:12 am
two SM57s is the way to do it.  sorry.....  It is near impossible to get a good sound from a DI.   I have not used it on Elec guitar, but the Radial JDI sounds amazing on everything that I have used it for.

try using something like a Boss GT8 or a Line6 PODXT and ditch the amp, (a lot of players do not like this option.)

Build a box to encase the amp.

move the amp offstage.

You mentioned recording....  When I record electric guitar in the studio I will record a clean guitar sound direct through a DI and then the output of the DI to also feed the amp and record that mainly for monitoring purposes.  I then re-amp the clean recorded guitar and try different mics, tones amps, etc... to find the sound that I want.   This may be an option?

Guitar players spend thousands of dollars in search of the perfect tone, and a emulating DI just will never come close.

I am personally a tube-amp guy, and I like it loud and crunchy, thats why I re-amp when I record.  I am understanding and when I have to, I will use my PODXT Live for situations where an amp is too loud for on stage.
Title: Re: Electric Guitar DI Box
Post by: Don Lanier on June 05, 2007, 03:31:31 am
The Radial Di's are the way to go although Bruel and Kajer make the RED BOX DI which is a Guitar specific DI, Radial has come along way and has the RE-AMP Fetures such as this one. But how can you argue with Tom Dowd. If he says use a tube amp and then reamp thats what I would do... Shocked
Title: Re: Electric Guitar DI Box
Post by: Dave Brannum on June 05, 2007, 01:46:29 pm
Not that a DI could produce the sound of a Tube amp. My son plays guitar and uses the Digitech GNX4 Guitar workstation. He loves it Has many of the cabinet sounds. Might be an option.  Its a little price $500 or so.