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Title: Analog Way Switcher
Post by: StJohn Gill II on October 28, 2006, 04:03:57 am
the theatre we have church in is looking to upgrade to an Analog Way 'EventiX' system. we are also currently looking to upgrade our mixing gear. We were just gonna upgrade to low-level mixers coz we move into a new centre in 2 years along with a multi-million dollar technical install budget so we dont want to tie ourselves up with anything.

Basically it looks like we will be happy with the system being bought by the theatre, being able to control 2 outputs independantly is good for us. We will buy a keying unit for words which will go between the EventiX and the amplifier that splits one of the signals to the two outside screen and then just go straight from the switcher to the centre screen.

Anyway, basically all i want to know is has anyone had any problems with the Analog Way side of the system? Any problems to watch out for? Any problems with warranty claims? Its an expensive system and i just want to make sure that neither us nor the theatre will be caught out.

Any thoughts?

P.S.we (the church) are the main advisers to this theatre, it is only a school theatre and their permanent tech is only a teacher which is why we get a say, and why we are doing the research. Basically we use it more than the school (3 services a Sunday + 3ish shows a year vs.1 half hour assembly a week and 1 show a year)
Title: Re: Analog Way Switcher
Post by: Brian Kent Tennyson on October 28, 2006, 07:00:50 pm
Church of the Resurection did exactly this setup in there new youth building. The EventiX was an extremely good product and they were very happy with the result. I had them put in the external T controler (Triplix i believe).

Pretty easy to use. Service was a 7.5 out of 10 only because I had a hard time understanding the English of the French man that was taking my call. I don't know about service down under. I have speced a lot of their product and never been disappointed.

Showmanager is a good software control package, but more for rental applications. Also look at the Centrix and the Natix as they may have what you want for a lot less money.
Title: Re: Analog Way Switcher
Post by: Karl P(eterson) on November 01, 2006, 01:08:44 am
I love our Analog Way gear, it does what it says on the tin with quality. I would heavily consider going with the centrix unit and either the single chanel controller, or the tripplix if you want more later.

Remember each of the units in the iX line only has ONE (1) output, the 2nd output is the preview (unless you are running as a scalled matrix). The good news is that the unit has a keyer built in that is absolutly fantastic.

We have two centrix systems with individual controllers at the moment.

Feel free to ask any questions.

Karl P
Title: Re: Analog Way Switcher
Post by: StJohn Gill II on November 01, 2006, 07:45:24 pm
Thanks for your replies. We've had another suggestion from a friend on the church who works for Staging Connections suggesting the Edirol V-440 HD. Apparently they have just bought a couple of them and one of them is going into the  main room at Crown Casino in Melbourne (we only have one, but its still a pretty big appointment).

Anyone had any experience with this?
Title: Re: Analog Way Switcher
Post by: Karl P(eterson) on November 02, 2006, 08:29:00 pm
I prefer the Analog way stuff over the Edirol, but i will try and give you some info.

Pros: (compared to analog way)

- It is essentially two switches in one, which allows you to down-stream or up-stream key

- The same goes for switching and or PIP'ing

- It can key to a variety of background colors (don't know if the Analog way can or not, we only key to black)

- Most features you could want while in-use are on buttons, no menu structure to deal with when changing PIP, etc

Cons: (compared to analog way)

- It requires two preview monitors to be used effectively

- It is 20~30% more expensive than a centrix + controller

- Its scaling isn't as nice (IMHO)

- Its keying isn't as nice (IMHO)

- You only have 4 SD and 4 HD inputs (the analog way products any input can be anything from composite SD to RGBHV HD)

- No Shadow Key (aka title) (at least that I am aware of)

- No integrated Frame Store or Image Freeze on outputs

- I don't believe its image control settings are as detailed as the analog way gear

- As a subset of the above, I don't think it handles stretching (aka anamorphic) to widescreen that well either (although this only effects you if you have 16:9 screens and are playing 4:3 into it.

So, in short, unless downstream keying was a big deal for you, or you need to use lots of PIP that changes its position regularly, I would probably go with the Analog Way gear.

But thats just me,

Karl P