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Title: Budget upgrade
Post by: Dan Barnett on April 22, 2006, 11:44:16 am
Hi guys,

 We are planning to make some improvements on our church sound system. I don’t know our exact budget but I think it will be 2-3k. I’ve published a quickie description of the church and current sound system here. > we are planning on keeping our main speakers and making use of our Samson powered monitors.

*  Our 30 person choir often uses recorded music to sing with, we use the portable monitors by placing them behind or in front of the choir. This works OK, but either the back row or the front gets too much volume.

My idea is to add another set of monitors, then mic the choir so the sound can be adjusted / balanced for the congregation.

*  Our 10 person choir also uses recorded music as well as keyboard to sing with. We sing in 3 locations behind the organ, in front of the organ and on the chancel.

My idea for this, is to add an additional mic at each location and turn them on and off as needed.

My shopping list:
A rack mountable mixer like the Yamaha MG16, 5 hanging small mics, 2 small additional stage monitors, a QSC 850 for the monitors, a QSC 1450 for the main speakers.

What do you think?