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Title: tech assistant job description
Post by: andrew gissing on February 13, 2006, 07:59:06 pm

I'm currently .2 at my church and will shortly be .4, and within a period of time 1.0 - maybe a year, 18 months or maybe much, much less if the job description i've written up for myself excites leadership.

For my job as head of media (sound, lights, vision, computers, website) it's not really hard to write up. In short, "responsible for XXX" repeated a number of times and worded slightly differently each time.

I mean, being responsible for something covers all tasks in that area. Sure i've listed specific tasks that need to be done as well.

My problem is that we're also about to hire a tech assitant. We already know who that is and he'll be .4 as well. His main job will be to assist me with planning & management, and to be "me" when i'm not able to be there. We run a number of services during the week and whilst we'll both be there for some of them i'll be at some others that he won't be, and he'll be at some that I won't be (hey, 0.4 only goes so far).

The other main goal for this guy is that in time he'll be my replacement if anything happens to me. Ie, grooming a successor.

I'm having trouble writing up a job description. I don't want to put "assitant to" in front of everything in mine.

I'm the decision maker but I want his input - be involved; learn;  allow him to make small mistakes & grow.

I've downloaded some stuff from but i've not found what i'm looking for - does anyone have any examples they can post here or email me ?

Many thanks,