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Title: Dante with Ubiquiti Network
Post by: Jake Abramson on August 07, 2019, 10:39:10 pm
Had an existing basic Dante network with 3 devices running on a dumb switch. Wanted to move to Unifi hardware. Devices are passing audio properly on Unifi network, however I cannot get the Dante device discovery/configuration tool to work when connected to Unifi hardware. Plugging devices into computer directly show properly, and when all connected to dumb switch. I can ping the devices when connected to the network.

Steps taken:

Set up basic VLAN with only Dante Devices (and computer to configure)

All devices on same switch (UniFi Switch 8 POE-150W)

Network VLAN Configuration:

Network VLAN Only

IGMP Snooping Disabled

DHCP Guarding Disabled

Operation   Switching

Link Negotiation   Auto

Storm Control   Disabled

LLDP MED   Enabled

802.1X Control Force Authorization

Port Isolation Disabled

Storm Control (all) Disabled

Rate Limit Disabled

Even tried moving to main LAN and still no difference.

Strange part is that the audio is still passing properly between the devices. Just seems that the device discovery is being blocked somewhere.

Note in the Dante Network Configuration related to device discovery.

"mDNS and DNS‐SD for discovery and enumeration of other Dante devices (including Dante Controller and Dante Virtual Soundcard) is on o AES67 discovery is on 9875"

Looking in wireshark, I see the on broadcasting from the dante devices.

Any ideas?
Title: Posting Rules
Post by: Mac Kerr on August 07, 2019, 10:44:19 pm
Any ideas?

Please go to your profile and change the "Name" field to your real first and last name as required by the posting rules displayed in the header at the top of the section, and in the Site Rules and Suggestions (,36.0.html) in the Forum Announcements section, and on the registration page when you registered.

Title: Re: Dante with Ubiquiti Network
Post by: Andrew Hollis on August 16, 2019, 09:32:49 am
Discovery is multicast. Your switch is blocking multicast mDNS. Enable mDNS (most switches do by default).