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Title: Turbosound iq setup outdoors, live show.
Post by: Brandon Baker on June 23, 2019, 10:09:20 pm
Looking for advice-

Local 5 piece band playing street dances, (outdoor) with Turbosound iq series speakers. Roughly 2-300 people, wide open space with no reflective surfaces.

System is as follows: 2 iq12, 4 iq15, 4 iq18b, and 2 iq15b.

We have set this system up in its entirety on several occasions. However, it seems to be lacking and I am looking for advice on how to optimise itís setup.

Low end- we struggle to really define the bass and kick drum when outdoors. Not sure if this is related to physical location of the subs, or other contributing factors. Typically we pair the subs in groups of two along the front. Two groups of two 18ís on either end of the stage, and the two 15ís in the center. Have also tried spacing the 18ís along the front with approximately 5ft in between, with the 15ís on the ends.

Tops- we get great coverage with the 12/15ís up top. Typically use the 15ís, two on each side elevated to around 8-9ft from the ground. We use the 12ís for center coverage, placed on top of either the stage or subs, and on their sides.

I cannot find anything out there as to how others are setting up Turbosounds, or comparable systems in situations like this. I realise these are not what are probably desired when playing outdoor shows like this, but itís what we have to work with.

Indoors this system rocks. Please advise on what we could do to improve on setup or other techniques to really drive low end outdoors. Iím sure I left out a ton of information as it pertains to this situation, but I will gladly provide it.

Title: Re: Turbosound iq setup outdoors, live show.
Post by: Don T. Williams on June 23, 2019, 11:37:09 pm
Please change your displayed name to your real full name to post.  That is required and you won't get answers until you do, but more information about your system will help people respond to your question better.  How and at what frequency are you crossing over the iQ15'S to the iQ18b's?