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Title: New version of IAS is available
Post by: Pete Erskine on February 15, 2019, 01:34:30 pm
if you are a rf coordinator using IAS, there is a new version available now, Your older version may not correctly show it as an upgrade so go to website and download it. As long as you are licensed, there is no charge for upgrade. Fixes a bunch of annoying operational things.

Release Notes:, 1/20/2019

Improved the notification to users when entering a duplicate frequency that is already in the coordination.  Now, instead of only hearing a beep, an alert window will appear letting you know what is happening and where the duplicate frequency is located.

Added a feature that will prompt you if you enter a frequency that isnít in the current tunable range of the selected model.  The dialog will allow you to enter the freq from a different range of the existing model or to do nothing and correct the entry.

Improved the way frequencies can be entered when using a model with preset freqs.  This should improve the data entry experience for most users.

Corrected an issue where editing license information or checking for updates would fail with an SSL error.

Added some file compatibility features under the hood to support the next version, IAS v6.