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Title: Sistrum online training - Systune and AMFG products - Any good?
Post by: Kevin McDonough on October 24, 2018, 08:01:16 am
hey all

Linked popped up on my facebook page the other day for a company called Sistrum, who are offering online training videos for the suite of AMFG products, mostly taught by an instructor called Emad El-Saghir.

They seem to have been developed in part by AFMG themselves and are "certified" training courses for the products.

They are relatively pricey, not all that much less than actually going to a training course in person, but I'm considering purchasing the Systune one as a refresher for the in person Systune training I did a few years ago.

Anyone used this site before? Or have any comment on the instructor etc? ( (

Title: Re: Sistrum online training - Systune
Post by: Nathan Riddle on October 25, 2018, 07:57:46 am
This looks pretty sweet, I'm quite interested in the EASE course.

There's an ease of access with online vs classroom geographically-wise.