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Title: Church Sound: Taking Care Of Business
Post by: M. Erik Matlock on August 24, 2018, 08:13:25 am
Talking with sound technicians and worship leaders, I often hear the complaint that from week to week, the quality of Sunday morning varies. I’ve determined that some of this is from training, such as when there’s a problem and the tech doesn’t know how to fix it. Some of it’s skill; certain folks simply have a better ear and command of the equipment than others.

On the same hand, the skill level of the musicians may also vary. I’ve found that with inexperienced musicians, the level at which they’re playing can fluctuate greatly. I attribute this primarily to a lack of confidence. When they know the song they “bang” it out, but when they’re unsure, they hold back.

Today I’d like to focus on another contributor to the problem of inconsistency: equipment status and organization...

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Title: Re: Church Sound: Taking Care Of Business
Post by: Simon_Barrett on August 24, 2018, 02:37:10 pm
Good article.

A lot of common sense here but it’s amazing how much is missed.

For example: Our worship team planner does not communicate the rota to our sound team. I am in both and so have been give. Both rotas. This is something an am trying to change.

Also, we have the disadvantage of not having our own building so the maintenance parties which would be great and mean I can train tech guys/girls don’t happen.

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