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Title: Anyone else using the Sennheiser wireless system sold by
Post by: Jeff Roden on May 08, 2018, 12:30:53 pm
I recently purchased the Sennheiser wireless speaker system 4 from to get some freedom from having to run long cable runs to powered speakers in the back of the room.  I currently run a Numark iDJ Pro controller hooked to a Mackie 1202VLZ4 mixer via RCA outs on the mixer to 1/4" TS L/R connectors on a channel on the mixer.  For bigger events, I run 2 QSC K12's in the front and 2 QSC K8.2's in the back for sound reinforcement.  In order to wirelessly send the signal from the K12's to the K8's, I have to run one of the Sennheiser transmitters from the line out from the on each K12 and tune the receivers on the K8's to the same frequency.  My question is since the K12's are wired via XLR from the mixer, should the gain on the transmitter hooked to the K12 be set low (~-30dB) and on the K8 side the input set to mic level? And also should the transmitter be set to the first line level out port or to the post-gain line out?