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Title: Go-bye Checklist for PA Equipment Rental Request
Post by: Tony Mamoh on February 14, 2018, 04:38:39 pm
I apologise for apparently repeating something that i have seen before......but cant seem to locate it again on the forum.

I run a small rental company. I need a go-bye checklist for a client to provide details when PA equipment rental is requested. This includes info like: type of event (stage play/conference/music concert etc) , type of music that will be played, audience size, number of guests, dimensions of hall, acoustic properties of hall (reflective surfaces etc), access for load in/loadout  requirements. The checklist is to enable the sound co determine which gear will be appropriate and cost effective for both parties (renter and client), event duration.

I know I have read some forum members shared their checklist and promise i won't violate their  copyright protection!!