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Title: Intercom from now to the past - AES October 20, Friday 4:30 in room
Post by: Pete Erskine on October 19, 2017, 12:07:59 pm

PD Live - 6 different cities all connected to the studio with Unity Intercom - presented live over Unity from Vegas
Clear-Com saves a TV station with IP connect during Houston Hurricane. - Vinnie Macri presents
Intracom System and Riedel Artist 7 city 7 comm, and 1 BU audio interconnect
Adam, Clear-Com and Riedel Logic Programming
Riedel Virtual port explanation of ALWAYS, VOX and ON CALL Functions
Riedel Madi/Analog automatic switchover in Rio Olympics using Artist logic
Riedel Simplex Radio interface using Logic
Dante interconnect between Clear-com Eclipse, RTS Adam and Yamaha Consoles
2-wire and 4wire explanation and HYBRIDS
RTS Dialups and system routing
ClearCom 2 wire
First comm was Telco headsets and simple 5V regulated supplies designed by Lou Shapiro
My first comm was 2 large tin cans and wire to the neighbors house - simplicity