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Title: Chauvet Hurricane 1D / ADJ Fog Fury Faze users
Post by: David Allred on January 31, 2017, 04:23:16 pm
These meet my low output and low cost requirements.  Any one have direct or indirect knowledge?
The Chauvet has DMX (though not required) as a plus, but the blower starts after the pump begins outputting.  This creates a small cloud, which I don't like, but not a deal breaker, every time it starts an output cycle.  The remote has a timer with 3 controls: Interval, Duration, & Output.
The ADJ, from what I read has some DOA problems, and a remote that only has Output.  The remote also has received some poor marks.  It however, does not have a delayed fan, so no start cloud.

The MARQ 700 would be an option, but as I understand it, there is little difference between minimum and maximum.  The minimum setting is too much.

I have used the Antari Z-350 fazer.  Its output and function meet my needs, but I am insisting on a lower budget faser.  I only need 2-4 times max per year.  10 hrs / year at most.  I do not live in a market that allows me to rent.  The presence, lack thereof, of smoke / haze is not a requirement by the customer, but simply a personal decision to add a little boost to the visual.